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Fitness, functional recovery, and strength & conditioning tailored to your needs
Achieve your aesthetic or athletic goals through focused and effective training.

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Fitness and Weight Loss

To achieve the physical shape you desire, with the utmost attention to movement and the health of your body.

Training with me offers you:

  • Body weight loss
  • Age-specific training
  • Improvement in your health

Functional Recovery after Injury

For a perfect functional and muscular recovery after an injury, thanks to my specific training, you can achieve:

  • Complete movement recovery
  • Regaining physical strength Reduced risk of injuries through functional movement assessment

Strength and Conditioning and Muscle Gain

To increase muscle mass, both from an aesthetic perspective and for specific athletic preparation, my training allows you to:

  • Achieve specific performance-oriented goals
  • Improve performance after a long break from physical activity
  • Enhance coordination, motor control, and body composition

Hi, my name is Lorenzo

Here’s who we are

After years of study and earning a degree from the University of Urbino, along with specialization with distinction at the University of Birmingham in England, considered the top university for Sport Science in Europe, where only 20 students worldwide are admitted each year, I gained extensive experience as a personal trainer and athletic coach, working with some of the world’s sports excellence, including Martin Castrogiovanni (Italian rugby national team), the Italian rugby national team, Stade Français Paris Rugby (TOP 14), Siena Calcio, ACF Fiorentina, and more.

Despite my passion for this world, I realized during my journey that my primary mission was to help every individual (not just elite athletes) view training and movement as an extraordinary means of personal improvement, both physically and psychologically.

That’s why today, in personal training sessions with over 40 clients, the goal is to find a personalized training style based on individual needs and objectives. We aim to offer increasingly sophisticated and effective solutions while safeguarding the functional and muscular health of each individual.

Functional Movement Screen

Why choose my trainings?

The method I use to plan a personalized and effective workout is based on the initial assessment and screening of your movement patterns.

This step is crucial in establishing a program that not only helps achieve the set goals but also preserves the joint and muscular health of the individual, preventing the onset of pain, bad habits, or even injuries.

For this reason, I always train in person because only in this way can I closely monitor both your progress and your health.


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Years of study: 5 in Italy and 4 abroad

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