There are no limits. The more you dream, the farther you will go.

Hi, I’m Lorenzo Lo Castro

My Education

I graduated in Sports Science from the University of Urbino, and right from the start, I realized that the only way to harness my immense passion for physical fitness and truly help people improve their well-being, both physically and psychologically, was through a highly specialized qualification.

That’s why I decided to attend the top sports science university in Europe, the University of Birmingham in England, where only 20 students from around the world are admitted each year. I specialised with distinction.

The Professional Journey

After returning to Italy, I gained extensive experience as a personal trainer and athletic coach, working with some of the world’s sports elites, including Martin Castrogiovanni (Italian national rugby team), the Italian national rugby team, Stade Français Paris Rugby (TOP 14), Siena Calcio, ACF Fiorentina, and more.

My Mission

Although I was and still am passionate about the world of competition, during my journey, I realised that my primary mission was to help every individual (not just elite athletes) see training and movement as a unique means of personal improvement, both physically and psychologically.

That’s why today, in personal training sessions with over 40 clients each year, the goal is to tailor a training style according to individual needs and objectives, offer increasingly sophisticated and effective solutions, and safeguard the functional and muscular health of each person.