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Hi! I’m Lorenzo! 
I’m a sport coach, graduated in Sport Science at the University of Urbino (Italy) and specialised in Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Birmingham (UK).

Since 2011 I work as personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, working with a large variety of person and sport teams, from no-athlete customers to elite athletes and teams such as Martin Castrogiovanni (World class rugby player) and the Italian Rugby Team.

Each step on my working career shaped the way I work, being able to help every client reaching his (or her) aspiration. Furthermore, since I want that my athletes train in the best way they could, I continue to study and to update my knowledge by reading scientific papers, books and participating in conferences.

If you want to know more about my professional life, check my CV.

Call me (+39) 3295968535 info@lorenzolocastro.com


Personal Training


Training with a personal trainer allows you to achieve your objectives faster and gaining confidence in what are you doing. Choosing a personal trainer, you’ll decide to maximise your training experience, being followed by a physical exercise’s professional who, only after an appropriate analyse of your strengths and limits, will figure out the right training program for you.

1-to-1 trainings in my studio will help you in:

— Increasing your lean mass, reducing your fat mass;
— Recovering your fitness after a sedentary time;
— Full recovering from an injury;
— Facing a metabolic disease;
— Enhancing your posture;
— Preventing future injuries by working on your balance, coordination and posture;
Personal Training


Training in small groups (max 3/4 person) gives you the opportunity to enhance your fitness, working on reducing fat mass while increasing lean mass. Additionally, you’ll improve your strength and your posture.

Furthermore, training with other people gives you the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the lessons!

Personal Training


I am a specialist in performance training, I use a combination of general and specific methods, combining gym and field sessions. In this way, you’ll be able to optimise your movements through your sports skill, maximising your performance and reducing the likelihood of injury.


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