I am Darko, a practitioner of martial arts and combat sports, and I have been training for over ten years with both weights and bodyweight exercises. For eight years, I had a dynamic job that required repetitive and strenuous actions on my body, leading to recurring discomfort and pain in the pelvis, particularly on the left side, which constantly limited my movements and training. I sought assistance from various specialists in the fields of physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy, obtaining immediate but short-lived relief.

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Mariangela Errichelli

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I got to know Lorenzo through social media and decided to try an individual experience. Of course, I had attended various gyms with poor results. I immediately felt comfortable with Lorenzo, and together we defined the goals to achieve, as well as the schedules and days. My experience was very positive, and with consistency, I achieved my goals thanks to Lorenzo’s professionalism and expertise. For this reason, I highly recommend him to everyone.

Margherita Carloni

I couldn’t go to the gym regularly. That’s when I turned to Lorenzo. With his ability to motivate and provide truly personalized guidance, I finally managed to work out consistently and enjoyably! I’m very satisfied, highly recommended!

Chiara Benvenuti

Lorenzo is highly knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating. I’m very satisfied with the results I’m achieving thanks to him. I absolutely recommend him!

Alessandro Chierico

The great professionalism combined with commitment and dedication turns Lorenzo into a service that is more unique than rare! Don’t miss out on it!

Maura Zorzoli

I’ve regained the physical shape I’d been missing for a long time thanks to Lorenzo’s professionalism! Thank you! I’ll continue training with him!


I met Lorenzo through a friend. After pregnancy, I couldn’t lose weight, so I decided to turn to him. It has been the best experience I’ve ever had in the fitness world. In two months, I was able to see results. He is a very professional and determined person. Highly recommended.

Siria Bianchi

During the quarantine period, I couldn’t find a solution to my persistent back pain, and I was afraid of losing my physical fitness. So, I turned to Lorenzo. With his expertise and professionalism, he not only kept me in shape but also resolved my back problem through consistent and personalised remote training. I am truly satisfied with the results I am achieving thanks to him. I highly recommend him!