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Negative Body Image and Health Consequences?

Many women are dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror every day, avoiding certain types of clothing and missing out on various activities due to discomfort.

That’s why, as a specialised Personal Trainer, I create a balanced training plan for each individual, considering their goals, available time, physicality, and movements

Personal Trainer Lorenzo Lo Castro

For weight loss, physical fitness, and well-being

Through a multidisciplinary approach, tailored each time based on the goals to be achieved, the exercise we do together leads you to:

  • Lose excess weight and regain physical fitness.
  • Maintain the result over time without the yo-yo effect.
  • Safeguard your joint and muscle health through Functional Movement Assessment.
  • Sculpt your body harmoniously without the risk of overdeveloping certain areas.

Additionally, if you don’t have a trusted advisor, I collaborate with nutritionists who can support you with a suitable dietary plan.


The Results of Those Who Have Chosen My Training Method


I am Darko, a practitioner of martial arts and combat sports, and I have been training for over ten years with both weights and bodyweight exercises. For eight years, I had a dynamic job that required repetitive and strenuous actions on my body, leading to recurring discomfort and pain in the pelvis, particularly on the left side, which constantly limited my movements and training. I sought assistance from various specialists in the fields of physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy, obtaining immediate but short-lived relief.

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Mariangela Errichelli

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I got to know Lorenzo through social media and decided to try an individual experience. Of course, I had attended various gyms with poor results. I immediately felt comfortable with Lorenzo, and together we defined the goals to achieve, as well as the schedules and days. My experience was very positive, and with consistency, I achieved my goals thanks to Lorenzo’s professionalism and expertise. For this reason, I highly recommend him to everyone.

Margherita Carloni

I couldn’t go to the gym regularly. That’s when I turned to Lorenzo. With his ability to motivate and provide truly personalized guidance, I finally managed to work out consistently and enjoyably! I’m very satisfied, highly recommended!

I’m Lorenzo Lo Castro

That’s why you should trust my approach.

While I’ve always been passionate about the world of competitive sports, during my professional journey, I realised that my primary mission was to help every individual (not just elite athletes) see training and movement as an extraordinary means of ‘comprehensive improvement.

Today, in personal training sessions with over 40 clients, the goal is to find a personalized training style case by case and offer effective and safe solutions for your well-being, thanks to the Functional Movement Assessment.

This way, we establish a program that not only helps you achieve your goals but also preserves your joint and muscle health, preventing the onset of pain, bad habits, or even injuries.


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How much does it cost?

The type of training, duration, intensity, and other factors are always determined based on your goals and availability, following an in-person consultation.

The cost estimate is also based on these factors. According to the payment plan, you are entitled to discounted prices. It’s important to note that if you choose to continue with me, the cost of the first consultation is always deducted from the total amount.

Is it COVID-19 safe?

If you have limited time, how can you make it work?

Do I need a gym membership?

Do I need to follow a diet?

I’m afraid of fatigue…

In what language are the workouts conducted?

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