I am Darko, a practitioner of martial arts and combat sports, and I have been training for over ten years with both weights and bodyweight exercises. For eight years, I had a dynamic job that required repetitive and strenuous actions on my body, leading to recurring discomfort and pain in the pelvis, particularly on the left side, which constantly limited my movements and training. I sought assistance from various specialists in the fields of physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy, obtaining immediate but short-lived relief.

Following an injury to the left shoulder/neck that resulted in a brachial nerve strain, I began researching extensively as the paths I was following couldn’t resolve my problem. I realized I had significant muscular imbalances that were limiting various situations and negatively affecting my entire body, leading to the injury.

This is where Lorenzo Lo Castro comes into the picture, who is now training and assisting me in getting out of this tunnel, I would even say in a very pragmatic and concrete way. We are addressing the entire cause-and-effect chain of problems, both in the pelvic/hip area and in the neck/shoulder area.

I am truly satisfied with Lorenzo’s knowledge, method, and professionalism. I recommend him to all those who wish to improve their health, both for daily life and for enhancing their athletic performance, as he works on muscular balance and movement quality.